About Us

The Mission of the Fund is to provide a long-term solution to control escalating benefit costs while providing programs for employees to obtain quality care.


Our misison has been accomplished by:

  • More effective management of claims/payments
  • Negotiating with area providers to lower claims costs
  • Negotiating with national networks for access to specialized facilities
  • Providing support in bargaining unit contract negotiations
  • Educating employees


3/18/2016:  PERMA Health JIF Brochure (updated!)



Board of Trustees

Joe Collins Delsea Regional BOE - Chair
Beth Ann Coleman Collingswood BOE - Secretary
Lisa Giovanelli Rancocas Valley BOE
Michael Colling Medford Lakes BOE
Christopher Lessard Frankford BOE
Christopher Destratis Swedesboro-Woolwich BOE
Evon Digangi Mt. Holly BOE
James Sekelsky Hardyston Township BOE
Nicholas Bice Burlington Township School District
Marie Goodwin Medford Township Public Schools
Christina Moskal Ewing Township Board of Education
Jason Schmipf Kingway Regional School District


1. Michael Colling

2.  Nicholas Bice

3.  James Sekelsky



1.  Beth Ann Coleman - Chair

2.  Evon Digangi




1.  Christopher Lessard - Chair

2.  Michael Colling

3.  Lisa Giovanelli


For more information about the Schools Health Insurance Fund and Health Insurance Funds in general, please visit www.permainc.com/.


New Interactive Wellness Hub:


Conner Strong and Buckelew is pleased to announce we have launched a new, interactive wellness portal available to our customers called HealthyLearn™. This is a new, high-powered portal that includes the best, most interactive and source based data available on wellness and medical topics. This new site replaces our previous Healthier at Home site. All of the content one would expect regarding wellness and population health is now delivered to you on a site so user friendly you may never go anywhere else for health information.


HealthyLearn™ is available to all Conner Strong & Buckelew clients at no additional cost, to make available to their employees and plan participants. HealthyLearn™ covers over a thousand health topics in a simple, straightforward manner. The data and information is laid out in an easy-to-follow format and includes an informational print-on-demand PDF. HealthyLearn™ includes the following interactive features and services:


  • Ask the Coach
  • Rotating Health Tip-of-the-Day
  • Symptom Checker
  • A to Z Encyclopedia
  • Health News
  • Medical Self-Care Guides for Adults, Children, Adolescents and Seniors
  • Women and Men Guides
  • Pain Management Guide
  • Financial Wellness information
  • Mental Health Guide
  • Home Safety Guide
  • Wellness and Disease Management
  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Stress Management
  • Nutrition and Weight Loss
  • Health Trackers
  • Health Posters
  • Health Videos
  • Monthly Wellness Newsletter